Biggest regret as a parent

I still consider myself a new parent, my kids are 4 and 6, aka, very young. I don’t actually remember life before having the little people, at least not really, but at the same time, it still seems to me like I am far too young to be responsible for other people’s lives.

I mean seriously…me?

Anyway, I have tried to be a good parent; I have failed on a few occasions and did a decent job on others, but there is one thing I regret more than anything in my young children’s lives.

I regret never investing in a high quality camera with night vision.

Nope, I’m not even kidding (starting to agree with me on the fact that I shouldn’t be a parent eh?)

Every single night of my life I walk to wherever my kids are sleeping to look at their darling faces. More times than not, rather than looking at them peacefully sleeping, I bust out laughing because it just seems absurd that one could fall asleep with his foot in his drawer, or with his head under his bed, or sprawled on her back like a star on the floor, or with her head turned in a way that just doesn’t seem completely natural when compared with the position of her body.

Hubby and I have been reduced to tears on several occasions because we try to contemplate the situation that led to my son sleeping with his legs on his bed, but his head on the floor or to my daughter sleeping with only her face under her blanket.

As an adult, could you ever imagine (soberly) falling asleep like that?

Hubby and I have literally…no wait, figuratively…had hours and hours of joy watching them sleep and it’s so common to find them in less than comfortable looking positions that I can’t even remember half the ways we have found them. Thus, I regret having no photographic evidence to remind me of these wonderful moments.

See, at least I’m not such a bad parent that I would throw on the flash in a dark bedroom in the middle of their night for my own personal joy.


An open letter to the morons who live next to me.

Dear morons,

I realise that you are 19 and therefore have no real understanding that the world is made up of people other than yourself. I was there once myself, and I would like to take this opportunity to send out a blanket apology for all the times I was loud and obnoxious when the people around me wanted nothing more than to be left in peace.

I would like to remind you that you live in a shared residence, your closest neighbours, ie us, live approximately 6 cm away from you, ie the thickness of our shared walls.

I realise that this means we sometimes need to compromise on our life styles a little bit to live harmoniously. For example, I don’t let my kids run around screaming outside your bedroom window at 7 in the morning; that would be inconsiderate of me.

I, like every other inhabitant of this building except you, am willing to compromise, to make sure my life impacts yours as little as possible, now, you are an adult, it is time for you to man up and do the same.

No one, but you and your friends wants to hear your music shake the walls, especially after midnight. The reality of my life is that weekend or weekday, my kids are up at 7. And believe me, tomorrow, you will know it too.

Now of course there are exceptions to every rule, and all of us neighbours are willing to put up with a party from time to time, but in civil society, it is time to time, not every two weeks, and you provide forewarning so that we can leave if we so choose.

As a hint, let me tell you about these places called bars. They are filled with like minded individuals, and are designed with the appropriate sound insulation. Go party, celebrate, have fun, be 19, but do so somewhere else and let me sleep.

The old lady who lives next door.

Something is coming to get us

So, here is how my day went, Squishy got up from the table after lunch at 12:30, and asked to go bed. Squishy has never really complained about going to bed, but she rarely asks to go to bed, and definitely never before her regular nap time. To be completely accurate, she asked to have a cuddle in our bed. Within about 15 minutes, she was out like a light. She then slept for more than 3 hours. 

Later today, while Crazy was in the bath, I washed his hair, and while rinsing his head he started to freak out. I was apparently rinsing his hair incorrectly. He then started to cry uncontrollably. I recognized that cry, I invented that cry, it was the cry of utter exhaustion, the cry of I don’t know what the freak is happening anymore. He cried for the next ten minutes, the time it took me to get him out of the bath, into his pyjamas, and on the couch. We put on a movie, and left him in peace.  He was out by 6:45 p.m., without eating dinner. 

Some bug has invaded my children, this much sleep is only the calm before the storm, and now I am totally freaked out about what is about to hit this home.

To sleep or not to sleep

For reasons that are irrelevant to this discussion, I moved Squishy from her travel bed to my bed when I went to bed last night. Okay, in short, she gets a little cold at night here and is too stupid, er, young, to stay under her blanket, so the last two nights I have put her in bed with me, and I spend the night covering her up. Two things I have learned from this, next trip when Hubby asks, “should we bring her sleeping bag?”, my answer will be, “hell ya”, rather than sarcastically saying, “nah, I don’t think we will need it, we now have electricity in Canada and can heat our houses.” Second, Squishy did not wake up when I moved her from her bed to mine, not even a little bit, not even an eye flutter or anything. 

This second one got me thinking-while lying wide awake at 4 a.m.-whether I would like to possess the ability to sleep that soundly. 


I am thinking I wouldn’t be lying awake at 4 a.m. any more.

I would sleep right through any number of sounds that regularly wake me up, such as the howling wind, my alarm clock, the dumbass neighbours who sit outside and yell and scream and play ridiculously loud music until all hours of the night.

I would sleep through Hubby’s movements and snoring-yes, you snore, accept that it happens from time to time and get over it.

I wouldn’t wake up in heart attack mode every time Crazy kicks the wall in his sleep, and I am afraid that he has fallen head first out of his bed onto the tiled floor.


I may never sleep again, I mean not waking up even a little bit when some one physically lifts you up and moves you (that should be read with a loud, astonished voice with a hint of panic).  How freaking terrifying would that be? I think I would have to put on lots of weight to make moving me a real challenge for anyone. Even then, sleeping in airplanes, or other public places (???) would no longer be possible.

So, insomnia vs sleep of the dead, I am still undecided. You?