Random act of kindness, again!

So, since accusing my dear friend of trying to kill me well over a year ago now, I have started to actually enjoy running. In February for example, I ran a total of 39.5 km (thank you smart phone and running app, seriously, how did people run back when they had to use an actual paper map to find out how far they ran). I fully realise that in a month, I still ran less than a few of my friends do in a few hours when they run their “marathons”, and it took me WAY longer, but whatever, that’s pretty awesome for someone who thought running = death not so long ago.

Today, I went for a long run, which in my world meant 11 km, which is the longest I have ever run in one go. Yes I got lost, but that’s not why I ran so far, I would have run just as far not getting lost, but it would have been WAY more boring.

In any case, just as I was finishing up km 9, I was half way up a killer hill, trying to give myself the force to keep going, and a random dude out washing his car lifted his head and said “Bravo”.

I don’t know if he knew how much I was suffering at that point, I mean I wasn’t hiding it, I was dripping with sweat, my face was probably a solid cherry colour and plastered with an expression of pure pain and suffering, but still, maybe he didn’t know. But man, THAT was exactly what I needed to keep going. A smile broke across my face, I thanked him, and I even found a little left over energy to speed up a bit (and before anyone even thinks to comment, it was not a young little hotty , it was a middle-aged, slightly over-weight kind gentleman who took pity on a struggling wannabe athlete).

I gracefully (at least that is what I choose to think I look like when I’m jogging) finished my last 2 km, drank 2 liters of orange juice mixed with water (see Dad, I do listen to you), and stretched for nearly 40 minutes. I didn’t necessarily need to stretch for that long, but I was a little terrified that if I sat down, I may cease to be able to get back up again (Barney running a marathon anyone?).

In any case, thank you random dude for your kindness, and I’d also like to thank a dear friend who is doing this insanity tomorrow for giving me the willpower to run 11 km…in  a row…without stopping (okay, I stopped once to look at a map, I got really lost).





I have something profound to say

I am sure if I really thought about it, I would find something profound to say. I feel like it is in there, but I just can’t reach it. The only thing that comes to mind right now is how difficult I find it to leave only one space after a period when I am typing.

I started typing on an actually typewriter when it was necessary to put two spaces after the period to make sure it was visible. What I have learned recently, following a heated debate on the differences between French and English punctuation, is this double space is no longer required with all our funky word processing applications and therefore no longer considered correct.

But I seem unable to adapt to this. I took my first and only typing class when I was 16 and have thanked my high school for making this available ever since. Being able to type quickly without looking is a lifesaver, okay, more accurately a time saver, so far no one has ever put a gun to my head and said if you can’t type 60 words a minute you are dead.

I can draft up a term paper, a document, an email, a blog post in a fraction of the time it takes the two finger typers, leaving me more time for my obsessive compulsive reading and rereading of whatever I just wrote to make sure everything is just how I want it.

At 16 my fingers learned how to type and I haven’t really ever thought about it since, they pretty much do their own thing. So now, when they need to relearn to not double tap the space bar after a period, I suddenly understand first hand the phrase you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

So, anyway, I am sure I have something profound to say, I just wish I could find it. Space space

Day 1….

This was my first day in the office without The Boss. With all this freedom, I could have done anything, and I chose to make a cardboard version of him and put it behind his desk.  The Google, one of my co-workers, helped me with my creativity, as well as the picture taking and texting that followed asking The Boss to chose his favourite variation of cardboard-boss.

Not only did I get to have lots of interesting conversations with the various people who questioned my sanity, I also got to hear the random bursts of laughter from people in the hallway who walked by his office. All in all, I feel like I accompolished a lot today, oh and I got some work down too.

I also want to give a shout out to O, thanks for being on holidays so I could steal the tape off your desk.