Adventures in home ownership

Normally now would be the time that I would write a raving lunatic type post about transatlantic travel with 2 kids and the jet-lag aftermath; but oddly, I have nothing to write. The flight was on time, our seats were what we expected, both kids fell asleep roughly 2 hours after take-off, and our bags were waiting for us, easy-peasy. We took our time with the jet-lag and gave ourselves a full 5 days to recover before going back to work/school. We listened to our internal clocks and fought the insane time-warp at a slow and steady (and individual…resulting in a lot less hostility and in-fighting) pace. I can’t think of a single thing to complain about, which is frankly pretty impressive.

My only real low point was when I walked into the bathroom yesterday and thought to myself, “man, it’s so nice to be in a room that doesn’t smell like dead rat,” then I cried a little bit and then I laughed and laughed because I never in my right (or wrong) mind thought I would ever think such a thought. I mean seriously, one does not plan to smell so much dead rat that one appreciates the break from it.

So we got back home to our lovely house where the power was out, so the fridge and freezer were all sorts of gross. We cleaned that out and are actively seeking a method to de-stink our fridge if anyone has any ideas (yeah, ok, there has been a lot of disgusting odors, so I could complain about that I guess).

Other than that, we had a couple of storms (hence the power outage) while we were away; the upside being that our jungle is a lot greener, and our peach tree is all peachy. With my few days off, I did a little arranging, unpacking, checking a whole lot of things off my to-do list, so, you know, score for me. All good things, nothing negative to say…this is so weird.

The only minor, less than wonderful news is that since moving into this house, the door to the bedrooms has never closed. Not the bedroom doors, but the door to the hallway that goes to the bedrooms, I want to say this distinction is important, but I fear it really isn’t. This extra sound-proofing would have been ideal this week when we were almost never all sleeping at the same time. Today, Hubby found out the handle wasn’t mounted right and so blah blah, something something, the door wouldn’t close. So he took apart the handle only to discover it was just locked. He put the door handle back together, unlocked it, closed the door and we declared ourselves champions in home ownership…then we pet our rats.

Just to be clear…after two months of being unable to close a door, we took it apart before trying to unlock it.

P.S. Canadian summer was awesome.


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