I think I have made a HUGE mistake

Yes, I have been talking about moving into a house for years and that is not my usual love of exaggeration, it has actually been 2 years. Well the last few months of radio silence has been largely due to the move to THE house.

We are almost moved in; all but 3 boxes are unpacked and most things are in their places. That said, I do intend to rearrange pretty much everything three to five times before feeling satisfied with the layout. I can get up in the night to go to the bathroom and I only walk into one wall now and it only takes me like three tries to turn on the lights.

Is life in the house as good as I had dreamed it would be…not exactly, but it’s still pretty awesome.

For example, when viewing the house, I didn’t exactly notice the wild jungle she called a yard was actually a wild jungle. I mean, there are a few wisps of grass here and there, but let’s be honest, the bamboo has pretty much taken over, and I frankly don’t want to know what is growing in the shadows.

We also have a few new pets, we assume they are rats, partly because they sound heavier than cute little mice, partly because I have never seen a squirel since moving to the French Riviera and mostly because the previous owner kindly left us rat poison. I can’t say I’m a fan, but we’ll get a cat soon and that should help with the pest issue.

The A/C doesn’t work, which is unfortunate. We don’t exactly know what is wrong with it, because the repair guy has now not shown for two appointments and no longer answers our calls. I mean sure, I do understand that he is busy in this ridiculously stupid heatwave, but if you can’t make an appointment, call. In any case, we are lucky enough to have cooling floors. Sort of. They are less efficient that the A/C, but do drop the temperature down about 5 degrees. The interesting part is that because the coldest part of any room is now the floor, well, all the humidity in the entire house condenses there and it gets a little slippery.

These minor things I can live with, so far my nightmares about moving into the Money Pit haven’t been realised, but tonight, I found the deal breaker. The thing that makes me think, maybe we should just cancel the deal on our apartment (that’s right…we have finally found someone who wants our apartment) and move back there.

So yeah, the girly kid has been asking for macaroni and cheese for weeks now, especially since we moved into a more international community with cheddar cheese readily available in the super market around the corner. Tonight I decided to make it for her. But GET THIS, the big burner is at the front of the stove and the medium burner is at the back…what the what? While the pasta was cooking, I nearly burned myself, like 5 times, trying to stir the cheese sauce. In fact it’s worse than just the wrong order of the burners, it’s the entire DESIGN of the kitchen relative to the burners, it was made for a right-handed person. I was literally having nightmares from kindergarten and the right-handed scissors digging into my thumbs while making my macaroni and cheese.

I just don’t know how to overcome this, I mean the rats, no A/C, electrocuting dishwashers (yup, that happened), the wild jungle, all that is fine, but having to make macaroni and cheese right-handed and backwards, I just don’t think I can make this work.

At least there is wine

At least there is wine