I often have a lot of words to say regarding the drivers with whom I share the streets around here.
I sometimes want to ask them why they think 1 minute (and sometimes even 10 seconds) of their life is so much more important than my or my child’s entire existence. I mean seriously, is it necessary to speed up at a cross walk to get through it before we start to cross? Is it necessary to drive 70km/h in a school zone?

I sometimes want to find out why motorcyclists think it’s a good idea to hang out in my blind spot, or why the cars behind me think that if they drive on my bumper I might go faster. It’s a 30 people, and it’s probably a 30 for a reason..hey look, there is a children’s playground.

I sometimes want to know why they think they are the only ones to notice there is a traffic jam, and why they think honking is going to help? Honking is for safety dudes, the horn was not installed to communicate your angry feelings at the world.

I have lots of words, that sometimes I unfortunately say out loud, triggering a lot of questions from the back seat (don’t worry Hubby, it’s nothing profane).

But sometimes I am left without words…because I cannot contemplate the beginning of a question to understand what goes through people’s minds.

Im promtu traffic jam this morning.

Im promtu traffic jam this morning.


What are your thoughts?

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