I feel blessed

I spent a disproportionate amount of time cleaning up vomit this afternoon. This was all the more unpleasant because I had spent most of the night emptying the contents of my own stomach, and then some. I was feverish and aching pretty much all day and I had virtually no energy to stand. That said, Hubby and I had a number of things to do today that could not be avoided. He very kindly did everything without complaint, but it did mean I was alone with one or more of my kids for parts of the day.

They were exceptionally well behaved, for the most part, but things started to go downhill when the littler one started complaining of a stomach ache. Since the bigger one had been home sick from school, and I had been very clearly hit with the same thing, this really didn’t come as a surprise.

What did surprise us was the quantity a tiny three year old stomach can hold and the uncontrolled fashion in which my daughter just threw up all over the floors, couch, bed, and walls in some instances.

After which she would start wrestling with her brother or running around like a perfectly healthy crazy kid. This bounce back lulled Hubby into a false sense of security, and gave her a large cup of apple juice when she asked for it. Sure enough he ended up cleaning that up too.

So, why with so much vomit do we feel blessed? Because my daughter is three, and part of the reason she vomited so uncontrollably is because this is the first time since infancy she has had a stomach illness. This kid learned what vomiting was today, and quite honestly she must have been a little weirded out by the whole concept. I mean seriously, just imagine something like that happening for the very first time in your memory, that’s messed up.

As an aside, iron stomach Hubby felt some mild discomfort for two days earlier this week, but was not completely taken down, and after the kind way he took care of me today, I will write on paper (computer, whatever) that perhaps he does have a stronger immune system than I have, perhaps.

And that is not all, loud little neighbour is turning 22 today, we heard him and a number of other people earlier, and now at 22:10, the walls are not shaking, the music is not blaring, there are no juvenile drunkards screaming on the balcony. And honestly, if you can’t appreciate that, what can you appreciate.


What are your thoughts?

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