Living with a three year old again

After one year, one month, two weeks and one day, I am living with a three year old again. I am also starting to remember what living with a three year old was like the first time around and what motivated me to start venting on the internet nearly two years ago.

Three year olds love random, useless controversy

While sitting in the car going who knows where, a police car drove by us. The 3 year old said (This isn’t verbatim, because it is translated, but it gives the gist of it), “Oh look, a police car, it says pinponpinponpinpon.”

The five year old replied, “No it doesn’t, it says weeooweeoooweeooweeoo”

The three year old disagreed and the two of them had a very heated argument that lasted quite awhile and consisted of mostly very annoying and very loud noises.

While the five year old is going through an I-always-need-to-be-right phase, the three year old is just stirring the pot to piss off her brother and get him all worked up.

Three year olds are stubborn

We came back from Canada on Saturday; the travel and trip were without incident, but naturally the jet lag is less than stellar. We are coping better than usual, but are still insanely tired. The kids have been having frequent crying fits and mild melt downs. Last night the three year old wanted grape juice at dinner, I wanted her to have water. She cried, she screamed, she tried to convince me to change my mind (apparently 30 year olds…okay fine 35 year olds are stubborn too). Finally I asked her if she wanted to go lie in her bed; it wasn’t a threat or punishment, she just really likes to go to bed. Thrice during our trip in Canada she put herself to bed because she was tired. She accepted my offer to go to bed, and promptly fell asleep.

This morning she woke up in great spirits with a great big huge grin across her face. She walked right up to me and said, “I’m drinky, can I have some grape juice please?” (that was verbatim, the kid loves to speak English now after two weeks with the anglophones – especially the super cute anglos who say drinky).

Three year olds mix up language in the greatest ways

The three year olds favourite expression right now is “I love you flat out” (translated), basically, she loves me as fast as she can. Which is pretty fricking cute.

When we got to my dads house, I pulled out a bin of My Little Ponies, which are the shit right now in our house. The three year old rummaged through the bin, ignoring the ponies and pulled out two Barbies from the bottom. She then spent the remainder of our trip in Canada carrying them around everywhere with her calling them her “bandits”.

Three year olds are awesome

The three year old is full of life and energy, she already knows how to charm the wits out of any adult, and she is so much fun. She speaks, with excellent sentences filled with French and English. She expresses herself strongly and is not afraid to show her emotions with all the energy with which she feels them.

She is bright and curious, adores her big brother and is very into cuddling.

She also sleeps through the night (score), she can feed herself and only like 30% ends up all over her face and in her lap. She can dress herself and only gets stuck in her clothes like half the time. She can entertain herself for extended periods of time (score score score) and can sit to watch an entire movie (extra score when on an airplane).

All in all, I’m not afraid of the next year of living with this three year old and I can’t wait to see what she will be in 365 days.


What are your thoughts?

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