Random act of kindness

It doesn’t often rain here on the French Riviera, but when it does, we get the equivalent of a months worth of rain in one downpour. Right now we are on threat level orange, or whatever you want to call the warnings “they” give, due to heavy rains and high winds.

Today the rain came as predicted, right about noon, you know, right about that time everyone gets up from their desks to go eat something. And where I work, there is absolutely no way to get acces to food beyond vending machine crap without going outside.

I had to go home this lunch break in the diluge-like weather. I covered up in rain gear and ran the 15 or so meters to my car. I drove to the car park exit and was preparing myself to roll down the window to open the gate, and there in front of me was an open gate. The kind security guards left it open so that people didn’t have to soak themselves as they were leaving and arriving.

With all the assholes on the road in the rain, I held on to this ray of sunshine. It was such a small, kind act but that I am sure a large number of people really appreciated it.


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