Hallowe’en just isn’t the same

As a kid, I was never a super fan of Hallowe’en, I mean I liked the candy and all that jazz, but I don’t like to be scared, and I hated the pressure of finding a social life in the later years. I also lacked creativity in this area, so unless I got help, my costumes generally sucked.

Now that I am no longer a resident of Canada, I suddenly get nostalgic on Hallowe’en and I want to give my kids the opportunity to decide if they like Hallowe’en for themselves.

But yeah, it’s just not the same here.

First off, ours were the only jack-o-lanterns in the neighbourhood, and after a few days I figured out why. It’s a mild climate here and by the third day I had a fruit fly infestation. I sprayed the pumpkins to keep the bugs away, but that only gave me an extra day or two. By day five, the pumpkins had completely rotted, it was quite disgusting.

Hallowe’en finally arrived, but my kids wouldn’t have known unless I forced them into their costumes. One child rang at our door…one. Her costume wasn’t half bad though. She collected our kids and we all went and rang at the other doors in our building.

We took a targeted approach and rang at doors of people we knew, maybe half answered. One or two were actually prepared with candy. On the plus side and something I have never heard of in Canada, one neighbour actually rang at our door today, because she felt bad about not being home when the kids rang at her door. She gave them each roughly two pounds of candy. I am a little divided on trying to bring in this new tradition, I mean how great would it be if you could stay in and people brought you the candy. On the other hand, the kids burn some of that sugar energy walking from door to door. Either way, I am considering taking out a patent on this move, and after initial brainstorming, I have decided to call it stay in and treating.

All that aside, the kids were thrilled and after the 15 minutes of trick or treating we all went out for dinner; they naturally kept their costumes. It’s not the same here, but I guess there are worse ways to spend our time.

PS. 5.1 km this morning…


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