She didn’t kill me afterall

About two months ago, I wrote about how my dear friend was trying to destroy me by making me get fit. It turns out she failed, at the destroying me part, not the getting fit part.

This morning I woke up and ran 4.4km. I double and tripled checked after I got home by searching “How far did I run” in Google, yup 4.4 km. Two months ago, that would have seemed an insurmountable feat, but today I just did it, and was close to thinking, “perhaps this run wasn’t long enough”. I said close to, but not actually thinking that.


Friend is now trying to talk me into running a 10K with her January. When she first brought it up last week I mocked, I laughed, I said that it is not physically possible. But after this morning, it doesn’t seem so far fetched; fitness and healthy living may in fact be within my grasp.

So what other side effects have come out of this fitness thingy? Well, I have lost almost no weight, which may not seem like a good thing, but I have lost some which means I haven’t gained any, and that is a spectacular reversal of the trend from the first half of 2014.

I can keep up with my kids better, which makes weekends a lot more interesting and less screamy.

I sleep at night, or at least most nights, which also means I don’t feel like taking naps at my desk everyday anymore, now it’s only like every other day.

All in all, I will admit, this hasn’t been a totally bad experience. I wouldn’t say it has been a totally good experience either though, there were moments when I wanted to commit violence against our trainer dude, but I was of course too exhausted to do so. There have also been moments when I have wanted to fall down and give up, but I was even too exhausted to do that. On top of that my ego takes a hit every single fitness session, because I feel like I am making no progress and I am still required to cheat on a least one or two exercises to survive. I am of course called out every single time I cheat, but the others don’t realise I am doing it for them, my lifeless body would be heavy for them to carry back if I actually tried to keep up.

So, I take back, you may not have been trying to kill me, it might be that perhaps you are a caring person who wants to help me feel better…perhaps.


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