Harry Potter is ruining my life

I have been a ball of stress and anxiety for the last couple of weeks. I am stressed out all the time, when I tie my shoes, when I brush my hair, all the time. The only time I’m not stressed out is when I’m reading Harry Potter (5th book right now) at the end of the day, relaxing outside on the balcony.

I can’t quite figure out why I’m so out of control these days. I did change jobs, but with that came better control over my inbox, and much less overloaded to-do list and there is now only one person I work with that I want to punch in the face, far fewer than my previous job.  Sure, I only know what I am doing about 15% of my day, but I don’t think this voyage into the unknown is really stressing me out.

The commute to work is starting to get lighter, people without kids are starting to take holidays now, before the schools are out and everywhere is overrun with tourists and their screaming kids (I include my own on this list), as a result, there are fewer cars on the road.

My kids are being angelic, which is rare and I’m trying to appreciate it, rather than fret about when it will stop and their true natures will come back.

So after much reflection, I’ve decided it is Harry Potter’s fault. I’m stressed out, because I am so freaking tired, because I can’t seem to put those books down and I read far later than I should pretty much each and every day. I guess I can’t really blame Harry Potter, since, he is fictional and all, but maybe I’ll blame JK – for just being so awesome. I am also grateful I’m on the 5th book – more than half way done. Only 2 and half left to go.

I know I’m exhausted, I know it is stressing me out how tired I am, but I am still going to continue reading to the bitter end and then I will watch the movies.


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