Hilarious stories to embarrass your kids

I absolutely hate when my parents bring up the embarrassingly stupid things I did as a child, or worse, the stupid things done at an age when I should have known better. I mean seriously, I was jet lagged and tired and sadly at least 15 years old when I read the sign (stupidly doing so out loud), “A giant among trees”. Sure this seems harmless on the surface, but my dad still reminds me that I actually read it, “A giant a-mong tree”.

Was it stupid? Sure. Did I figure out my mistake on my own? Not by a long shot. Is it necessary to keep bringing it up? Hell no. But, now at least I see why my parents love it so much. Because that stuff is hilarious (those things are hilarii?).

I promised Crazy not to tell anyone the story I am about to tell but, I believe the statute of limitations on the hilarious crap kids do is like a week, so we are all good.

Crazy’s best friend lives right below us, they see each other pretty much every day even though they aren’t in the same school (luckily his mom is awesome too or this much contact could be challenging). Last weekend, I was opening all the windows to air out our place. I was in the bedroom, and I saw Crazy’s friend playing outside just below our balcony. Crazy was standing next to me, and I told him he could go out to the balcony to say hi.

He was super excited and ran out of the room as fast as his little legs could take him. I listened to his pitter patter until I heard a sudden THUD. I paused and listened, I could hear poor little Crazy whimpering. I went to the living room to find Crazy sitting on the floor in front of the closed glass door that leads to the balcony. He was in no way hurt, beyond his pint sized ego*.

So yes, I now understand why my parents do it, because it’s funny. Also, I don’t intend to remind my son of this incident over and over again, I think I will just save it for his wedding speech.

* To cheer him up, I lifted him up to show him the forehead smudge I put on the window the day we moved in. Yes it’s been four years, and no I haven’t washed my windows, at least not the inside.


2 thoughts on “Hilarious stories to embarrass your kids

  1. Please don’t keep any memories to use it after, even if it’s funny. So many ways in bread to use it badly 🙂

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