This is a story

This is a story about a girl who was about to lose her mind. She went to her best friend the internet to find a way to stay on the non-institutionalized side of the crazy line.

In the cover of darkness, she started her blog and told no one. She didn’t know what she would write about, but knew she had very little faith in herself to stick to it. After all she gave her blog a time-bound name (seriously, living with a three year would only be valid for at most a year, well two but not consecutively).

She hoped her blog she would go viral and the world would pay her to write for a living. Instead, she discovered (or was reminded) she didn’t know the basics of English grammar and she was adept only at writing about nothing, or more accurately, she had nothing to write about.

In the real world, she was negative, and judgmental, but in the blog world, she was that with a dash of humour. Okay, I’m freaking hilarious in the real world too, so actually, my, uhhh, her blog personality was pretty much spot on.

In an unprecedented manner, she stuck with her blog, making new friends along the way. Well, she made blog friends; those kind souls who liked her posts, and she liked theirs, but they never actually spoke, in fact she doesn’t know any of their real names, but whatever, they are kindred spirits.

She learned more than she ever thought possible , about herself, about her family, about how she sees the world, and she had found a way to escape the “real world” by taking a look at other people’s real worlds. Finding like minded individuals was amazing and comforting and reassuring, but the unexpected score of finding completely unlike minded individuals was just as great.

Now, one year later, she is sane-esque and her blog is still there. The name is now a lie, but it doesn’t matter, the spirit of managing a full time job, two small children, an awesome husband, and the rest of world without going bananas is still real.* She still writes under the cover of darkness, but it is not because of shyness or fear anymore, it is because it is impossible to get anything done while the kids are awake.

This girl’s story continues into its second year and blogging is no longer an attempt at anything, no riches, no miracle drug against crazy (the emotion, not the child), it’s just something she does, like reading, or watching T.V., often instead of sleeping.

The end! The Middle.

* I will be spending the next few weeks analyzing the order of those items and will jot that down as a subject for a future therapy session.