Conversations in the car

Squishy while investigating her leg: “I can’t find my booboo.”
Me: “You can’t, is it all better now?”
Squishy: “No, my booboo is broken.”


Crazy: “I’m tired.”
Me: “You can lie down when we get home.”
Crazy: “Can I ride my bike when we get home?”
Me: “I thought you said you were tired?”
Crazy: “Well no Mom, I’m not tired in the garage, I’m only tired when we get to the apartment.”


Squishy: “hfhvhdjsiwjdhfnvncjdj”
Me: “Pardon?”
Squishy: “hfhvdjfjwidhfndmdkwjenf”
Me: “One more time Sweetie.”
Squishy: “jfjvdjdkdjfnvhdjsksjd”
Me: “Ohhhh, you took your shoes off”
Squishy: “Yes” followed by deep sigh of exhaustion, while dropping her head into her hands, as if trying to make me understand was more tiring than running a 100 m dash.



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