Oh, how we have grown.

Hubby and I have been married for a little more than five years, and we have known each other nearly ten. It’s not a lifetime yet, but we have still spent the majority of our adult lives together.

It suddenly occurred to me this past weekend just how much we have grown as a couple. We still have a long way to go to be that annoying couple other people want to be, but I must say I am quite proud of us.

The only reason we lasted as a couple until our wedding is because we invested in a GPS. My husband and I are both what you might call know-it-all-jackasses. We would fight endlessly in the car while trying to find where we were supposed to be going. The first trip we took with the GPS, was on the Atlantic coast of France, a corner of the world foreign to both of us, and we didn’t argue once. It was wonderful.

The only reason our marriage survived its second year was because we hired movers when we moved into this tiny ass apartment our new home. Sure we squabbled over packing and what to throw out, but it didn’t come anywhere close to what it would have been after a hot, humid, back breakingly long day of moving.

Since moving into this apartment, I have had trouble sleeping in our bedroom. At first it was the horrible asthma attacks I suffered nightly until we stopped hanging our sheets outside to dry; my allergies nearly killed me. Then, it was too hot or too cold or too small or some other stupid little thing.

Before going any further, I have to confess, I’m a little out there with some of the things I believe, Hubby knows this and has learned to roll his eyes quietly when I’m not looking. I’ll spare you most of the details, but the one relevant to this story is that I believe colours affect your mood. Being tightly wound, I am constantly seeking calmness, or more exactly, ways to bring about calmness to my state of mind. This can mean cranking up club beat tunes in the car on my way home to evacuate the days tension before seeing my family, or it can mean telling the internet about my need to surround myself with colours I find soothing.

I find warm Earth tones soothing, and while Hubby is literally sighing while he reads this, he knows very well that he is drawn to cooler colours, blues, greys, and blacks. My colour fetish is part of everything I am, brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, and of course my entire wardrobe is based in Earth tones with the exception of the occasional black ensemble for those days when I am pissed off and I want the world to stay out of my way.

So, back to the point, I was looking for ways to make my bedroom more restful. Two walls of our bedroom were blue when we moved in. We were both far too lazy to paint a single thing before moving in, so we went with it. For four years now, I have been trying to sleep in a blue room with blue and grey sheets. I could not have this anymore. First we changed the sheets, but the fact that they were in such contrast with the walls almost stressed me out more.

After not that much debate, but a significant amount of stalling, we finally agreed to paint the two walls purple. White was briefly discussed, but I adamantly refused; it would have been far too sterile and cold for me. Last weekend, I took the first step and taped the walls, plasticked the bed which we had to turn to get access to both walls, and started on the first base layer of white. That damn blue proved more powerful that we thought, so we doubled up on the white before moving on to our nice taupe colour. With each coat, we had to wait at least 12-16 hours for it to dry before the moving on to the next one. With our schedules, that meant at least 24 hours. I went out on Tuesday, and Hubby on Thursday, so we ended up sleeping on the couch for a solid week.

We got through taping the two walls, moving furniture, applying four coats of paint and sleeping on our pull-out couch for a week without arguing once. If that isn’t progress in a relationship, I don’t know what is. That said, around the same time our first coat of paint was drying our rolling blinds broke, and we did get into a rather heated discussion about how to fix it.

Aside from that small hiccup, the painting went off without a hitch. Not only that but when Hubby told me we had to turn the bed back because he was concerned about his sleep as a result of a new magnetic field -and I had determined he was not in fact mocking me- I fell in love with him all over again.


One thought on “Oh, how we have grown.

  1. Tell hubby the eye rolling about colour needs to stop. Colour so influences mood, and only a Canadian will understand why the bright fresh yellow green of brand new leaves in spring can make me ecstatic! Being tuned into one’s own esthetic needs in environment is crucial. Sound and scent can also influence mood. Hope the new bedroom turns out to be right.

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