Scratch that, today was perfect

It would seem I fell asleep last night while watching T.V. I discovered this when I woke up this morning at 8:30 a.m. I haven’t slept a full night in what feels like months, it was amazing to wake up after 9 solid hours of sleep, even if it was on the couch. So there I lay at 8:30, royally confused, I couldn’t understand how I slept that well, and why on earth was my apartment still quiet and dark. My kids were actually still sleeping at 8:30? I got up as quietly as I could to have a few minutes alone. It lasted a full 15 minutes before I heard the little steps of Crazy coming to the living room and a call of “Maman” from Squishy in her bed, a bed that has been MacGyvered so that she can safely get out of it,  something she ignores every morning but is very well aware of at bedtime. I picked her up and got a double kid cuddle on the couch. Awesome, and not the sarcastic awesome I used yesterday.

I opened the blinds to see something I hadn’t seen in a while, the sun and a blue sky. Hubby and I decided to put it into high gear and head to the mountains for a little tobogganing. After all, it had been raining all week at sea level, so at altitude, the snow would be plentiful.

We quickly got ourselves ready and headed out, the road was clear and we only had one hiccup arriving to our favourite tobogganing hill, a 30 minute traffic jam. No biggy, the kids were plugged into Oomie Zoomie and the view was gorgeous.

We parked the car and got everyone into their snow gear, I headed to the hill with our kids, I climbed over the snow bank and stepped into the untouched snow, then sank in the snow to just above my knees. Awesome, again this isn’t sarcasm, as I don’t see snow very often, butt deep snow is pretty cool for a day.

Butt deep snow also means toboggans don’t go very fast or very far, but that wasn’t going to stop me, we trampled down a luge track and had a blast, continually going farther and farther. We also stomped down a secondary path, so one of the kids could climb up while the other was going down.


When Squishy got tired, she asked for a cuddle and we lazed in our snow chairs, perfectly shaped for each of us and gazed out at this:


When Crazy started to lose it, we told him that he could have three more turns. At the end of turn number 1 after nearly four hours of wonderful family time, our luge track got invaded by late comers who didn’t realise we had carved it with our sweat and blood (and then actually dared to complain about how much work it was to climb up the hill with a sled…whatever). Crazy took his last two turns and we left the track to the invaders and started our way home. The children promptly fell asleep and we took a few detours on the way home to let them rest. Perfect.

And although Squishy, who was sitting on my lap while wearing underwear, decided to pee herself while I wrote this post, I don’t care, today was just perfect.

PS. Based on the activity of the day and the lack of pain, I’m guessing it’s not broken just bruised.


What are your thoughts?

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