Stuff that matters – part deux

Welcome to the second instalment of stuff that matters – aka stuff other people do that contributes to bettering the world. Since my first article, I have successfully continued to do nothing, in particular this week because I am spending it in bed with a flu-like virus that has totally kicked me in the ass.

I dedicate part-deux to Gina.

Gina left the mall

I discovered her blog not long after I started my own and loved it right away. She has a huge heart and a wonderful spirit and she spends a lot of her time supporting the troops at home and abroad. She brightens their days and reminds them that someone cares about what they are doing. I don’t know enough about the politics behind all these wars to cast an opinion on them, but I do know there are men and women sacrificing their time and there lives doing something because they trust and believe in the politicians that sent them away.

There are a ton of ways she helps out and you can help her or help out those that are deployed and far from their families: How you can make a difference!

Her ways have been talked about in print, in film and on the radio because she is doing such a great job at making a difference. I applaud her for doing so much that matters to so many. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.


One thought on “Stuff that matters – part deux

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and beautiful review! I don’t know much about politics either (which is why I never write about it) but I do know about missing someone you love. That helps me begin to understand what some of our military families go through. It’s been a honor and pleasure to do little things that seem to make a big impact for our men and women far from home. Those efforts also make the families feel supported. All that is pretty amazing from just a cup of coffee or a postcard…lol. Of course, any time caring feelings are put into action, we tap into a “super-power” we all possess. Thanks for using your power here! Sincerely, Gina

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