What a four year old takes away from a movie

My kids don’t watch a lot of television, hold on, let me finish, what I mean is, they don’t watch a lot of actual broadcast television. We have however trained them to sit quietly during an 8 hour transatlantic flight by helping them develop a healthy appetite for all things cinema.

In the beginning, my son had two movies, well two sets of movies, Cars and Toy Story, and that was all we watched for months. After nearly losing our minds, we tried to find ways to extend his interest level. It was coincidentally around this time that we discovered what I call French Netflix. Naturally, the actually French offering is multiple words long with about 2 dozen syllables -so French Netflix it will remain, at least in this verbally economic household.

Since having French Netflix (which we tried to reduce further to Fretflix, but abandoned shortly thereafter), we have managed to get Crazy to start watching a much larger variety of films. But, they were all animated. I am not opposed to cartoons, but in 60 m2, when the television is on, no matter where you are, you hear it, and in more than half our little home, you see it, so eventually, it would be nice to see actual human beings on the tv.

We tried a few actual people movies at Christmas, Home Alone was a colossal fail, as it was far too terrifying for our four year old. The two year old however was killing herself laughing as the bad guys were getting hurt left, right,and centre – I am still not too sure if I should be worried. We tried the Santa Clause trio, which went over okay, but were never requested.

But now we have found an actual human movie that Crazy likes, a trilogy in fact, and as of this morning, he has asked for it. The only reason we are not ecstatic is because when he asked for it, he said, and I quote (well sort of, half the sentence came out in French) “can we watch I want to flush your poop 1?”

During a two hour long movie (so roughly the time it took Squishy to peel the orange she is now eating), he retained the only bathroom joke in the whole thing, and has decided to make it the title. He also let us know the sequel is called “Now picking your nose 2”.

A virtual high five to anyone who can find the actual movie title.


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