Hubby’s turn

I have started the habit of posting on family members birthdays, and feel Hubby shouldn’t be left out. Also, sorry, I missed your day Al, in short, I am super glad we are friends, safe travels and I hope you don’t have a total meltdown while you fly with children during the time of year when people in airports are insanely stressed out and totally unhelpful.

Anyway, back to Hubby, I am glad you were born, and I am glad for all the crazy little things that had to happen for us to cross paths. I am also glad you finally gave up on that whole don’t date someone you work with and decided it was okay to be married to someone you work with instead. 

Happy Birthday and all that jazz. Jesus will get his day shortly, but today is all about you.

P.S. To the non Hubby’s, please note he is not conversationally inclined, so short and to point is the best kind of post I could give, ie. I am not being a cold and heartless wife.


What are your thoughts?

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