Laughter is the best medicine

This week has been busy and stressful, and this was my first week working five days again. Since Squishy was born nearly two years ago, I had reorganised my work schedule and my salary to work four days a week, and have one day alone with my kids.

For reasons that change every time people ask me, I went back to full time. I don’t regret it and I’m looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of it, it was just a mini shock to the system this week. For over a year now, I spent my Wednesday mornings watching cartoons with my kids in pyjamas, and this past Wednesday, I had to shower and get dressed and leave my tiny ass apartment home before 8:30 a.m.

After having someone I will only refer to as “The Google” come into my office about 3 times a day reminding me to smile, I realised I needed to snap out my funk. I wasn’t sure how when someone posted a ridiculously hilarious page on Facebook. I sat at my desk; laughing right out loud, repetitively, keeled over, barely able to breathe. I couldn’t keep this for myself and instantly re-posted on Facebook, and sent it off in a couple of emails, because I actually have friends who don’t have Facebook (weird). I spent the afternoon, alternately re-reading the post, or watching other people’s reaction to it. It was awesome.

Disclaimer for anybody I work worth who might read this, I also got a butt load of work done, mostly writing, which none of you want to do, so not only did I bring you joy, but I took care of the work you don’t want to do. 

I loved every reaction I saw, and every comment I saw on the link, but my favourite part was watching Hubby laugh until he cried while the kids stared at him, half scared and half curious.

The important thing is I laughed…a lot…and then I didn’t have to fake smile anymore when the Google stopped in to give me some kind of disastrous news (I think that may be what brings him joy), I was stress-free again, just in time for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine

  1. You can’t read that page without laughing!! Of course, when it happens to me, it takes a while before I find it funny. Last week I texted my sitter with the upcoming schedule. What I wrote was, “I will need you those days.” Try to guess what autocorrect changed it to. If you came up with, “I will bed you those days” you’d be correct. Grrrr!!!! Hope things go smoothly with your new schedule and yes, hope you get some laughs in every day!

    • Ahahahahahahahahaah, that is a great auto correct. I get some good ones when I either try to write in English when my keyboard is set to French and vice versa. I survived the first week, I am confident it will all fall into place.

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