Sometimes I get it right

I spend a lot of time as a parent feeling inadequate. I feel bad when I am at work instead of being with my kids, I feel bad when I am tired and don’t play with them, and I feel guilty when I turn on the T.V. because I just need them to be quiet for a few minutes. I also get down on myself when I can’t understand the words they are so desperately trying to articulate and I need someone else to translate my children. But today, I don’t feel inadequate, I feel excited and happy and I am feeling pretty awesome as a parent.

I did most of my Christmas shopping yesterday. This is not so much about my obsessive compulsive control freak nature as it is about my utter dislike of shopping in busy stores. I was out for about six hours yesterday, marathon Christmas shopping, okay, like four of those hours were shopping for me, but that is beside the point. I got home and ran to my bedroom to immediately stash the goods before any little eyes could see them.

I hadn’t warned Hubby about my plans, telling him that I needed some girl time (first four hours), and he was a little concerned when I came home with Christmas done before the kids had had a chance to make their letters to Santa. I wasn’t too concerned and suggested that we just let the Grandmas and the Grandpas know about the items on the list so the kids can still get some of what they asked for if it doesn’t line up with what I had purchased.

Well, no need for that.

While Squishy and Hubby were napping, Crazy and I worked on his Christmas list. We got the catalogues out and cut out the pictures of the things he wants and pasted them on a paper that we will “mail” to Santa (by mail, I mean stash in my treasure drawer for years to come).

Guess what was the first and most important picture he cut out (I consider it the most important because he kept reminding me that it was on the list)? Well, it was the thing that is in the box, hidden on the top shelf of my closet. Christmas is going to rock this year.


What are your thoughts?

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