Jet lag with pre-schoolers = torture

You know how some people say that jet lag is a cruel and unusual form of punishment for children. Do you know what I say to that, horseshit. Jet lag is easy for kids, because they only have to deal with themselves. I mean, it is a little off-putting and a little confusing for them, but other than having mommy be a little more screamy than usual, they only have to worry about how they feel. If they are tired, they sleep, if they are hungry, they whine and complain until you get off your tired ass and make them something to eat.

Parents of preschool aged children are the ones who are really facing the cruel and unusual punishment. I mean, we are dealing with our own jet lag, but we are also at the beck and call of tiny little humans with sleep disorders and mood swings. And mine, I am pretty sure, are teaming up against me. Squishy fell asleep at 8pm tonight, and Crazy fought off sleep until 11:30. At 11:35 precisely, Squishy woke up. I did see them playing quietly to themselves earlier, I bet they were all like “I will cough twice in my “sleep”, that will be your cue to fall asleep, and then I will start calling for them.”

I spent 6 wonderful years studying Aerospace Engineering (stay with me, I promise there is a point), we learned all about planets and gravity and orbits and stuff like that. You know what I think now? Horseshit. It would be so much more awesome if the world was flat, and the sun was always in the same place every day all day, with an on/off switch. No more time zones, no more jet lag.

I am sure once I have had a good nights sleep, in my own bed, because, my two kids are sleeping in our bed, and Hubby is in Crazy’s bed, and yippee, I have the couch, but once I have a good nights sleep, I am sure I will feel less horseshitty, and promise to write a post about how beautiful Canada is.

As an aside, Squishy just came wandering out of my room, took her soother out of her mouth and planted a big kiss on my cheek. I would like to say that that makes it all worth while, but I just think the little devil is feeling a guilty about screwing me over so completely.


What are your thoughts?

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