The Wonders of Technology?

I both love and hate technology. Because I live so far from my family, it is great to keep in touch so easily and so immediately. At the same time, I have the computer, a tablet, and a work smart phone, so I feel like I am always connected and at the beck and call of something or someone.

This week my email threw a temper tantrum and didn’t work for an entire day. I felt panic at first, but as the day went on, I became excessively productive and people were forced to, you know, speak to me with their voices. It was a nice change of pace. By the end of the day, I felt relief and almost calm. I was even a little disappointed when everything was back up and running.

As mentioned in a few previous posts, my boss now works in the Boston office, so technology has become our best friend to facilitate communication. We even have video conferencing software installed on all our computers. Yesterday we were having our weekly video conference with my boss located in Boston, and my colleague who is located at the desk next to mine. She was working from home and for the first time all three of us had to connect to the conference independently (usually she and I sit next to each other and share a screen, which allowed for redundancy, that is to say, if hers didn’t work, we could try mine). Naturally, my connection didn’t work, and naturally I’m not tech savvy enough to start clicking on menus and configurations to fix it all by myself. After approximately 10 and a half seconds I gave up and called my boss on the good old telephone who put me on loud speaker so my colleague who was about 5 km from my location could hear me…via Boston.

While I was incredibly annoyed with my unsuccessful attempt to join the video conference, I was thinking about it afterwards and just how amazing it was.  My colleague and I were having a discussion in real time, with no perceptible delay with our voices traveling across the ocean and back. Whether you love or hate technology, you have to acknowledge it is pretty freaking amazing (when it works).


What are your thoughts?

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