Why? Why? Why?

I have been waiting since his first word for Crazy to enter into the why phase.  I have been looking forward to see how his mind works, to see where he is curious and to test my own creativity and reasoning in trying to answer.

It has been four days since the full on why phase has started.  It’s been four days where I can say something as simple as “We are going to have spaghetti for dinner” and I am met with a little “Why?”

It’s been four days since I have had to try to answer questions such as:

“Why is the sky blue?”  – That’s an easy one, it’s due to the light from the sun being scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere. He looked at me with curious eyes, and then asked if he could watch TV.

“Why is the sun hot?” – Again, easy peasy – it’s a burning ball of gas.  His response “like Earth?” Well no, not exactly, but then again he changed the subject and asked if he would get to go back to school soon.

“Why is Grandma your mother?”  – Ummmmm

I have also been blessed for the last four days with full on conversations in which Crazy has become mono-syllabic.

Me – It’s bedtime.

Him – Why?

Me – Because it’s late.

Him – Why?

Me – Because the sun is going to bed.

Him – Why?

Me – Ah nuts, this just got a lot more complicated.  Forget about it, it’s time for bed.

Hubby has been trying to outsmart him by only responding with “Because” but that doesn’t make the question go away and Crazy just repeats “Why?” until either Hubby goes bonkers or Crazy gets bored (so far, Crazy hasn’t gotten bored).

So yes, four days into the why phase, it’s been fun, but now it’s time for it to be over.

What fun answers did you give your kids to the question “Why?”


What are your thoughts?

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