Top ten things I have learned as a parent

10. I can read 190 pages of Curious George in one sitting and not go blind.

9. Most kids learn the word “no” long before they learn the word “yes”.

8. Even when you think you might die from tiredness, you won’t. And some days knowing that makes it so much worse.

7. Baby proofing has served little purpose in my home because my kids are far more creative than I am. I keep the really dangerous stuff out of reach, but beyond that, Crazy will always outsmart me at finding dangerous activities with seemingly safe things.

6. There is no one right answer to all the parenting questions. Every parent, every child, and every situation is different. What works for you won’t necessarily work for others, what works for others won’t necessarily work for you and what worked yesterday may not today.

5. All children (or maybe just mine) are a little OCD in ways that make no sense at all. While driving home from the zoo today at nap time, Squishy refused to sleep and was growing increasingly annoyed with us. It took us awhile with the car pulled over to finally understand that her window shade was on backwards (it wasn’t) and once we flipped it around she promptly calmed down and went to sleep.

4. If Crazy does not want to go to sleep, he will not go to sleep and reading 190 pages of Curious George will not change this.

3. When my child laughs, it is impossible to not at least smile.

2. Almost every theory I had on parenting before I had kids was wrong.

1. Doctors are experts of anatomy, lactation specialists are experts at nursing, teachers are experts at teaching, but I, okay, Hubby and I are the foremost experts of my children.


7 thoughts on “Top ten things I have learned as a parent

  1. This should be given to all women everywhere leaving hospitals all over the world with their little bundles of joy. This post makes a perfect and straight to the point life after delivery handbook!

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