A hardcore happy memory

The happiest memory I have is from my wedding day. It was a beautiful summer day, in July, in Canada. My face hurt for a week after our wedding from smiling so much.

We were on a white sands beach (yes those exist in Canada) and I was about to marry the perfect man for me. I do not believe in “The One”, nor does my husband, but we do both believe very deeply in marriage.  We knew from day one that we were committing to each other, to our future and to putting in all the effort needed to be happy together. We both came to our wedding prepared to make a marriage and both of us (as far as I know anyway) arrived that morning with no doubts or fears and as Hubby said during his wedding speech “it just felt right”.

I walked up the aisle with both my parents, in front of almost everyone I love in the world feeling so much excitement it was hard to breathe or walk; running or jumping or dancing would have been so much more natural at that moment.

Hubby is not the chatty type and often has difficulties expressing his emotions with words, but that day no words could have replaced the look on his face as I walked toward him. His faced communicated his awe, his love, his trust, and his hope more clearly than his words ever could have.

The romance and depth of the event really came to me while we were signing our life to each other.  One of my very good friends was singing one of our favourite songs and the music and the two minutes break in the flow of events gave me time to really absorb it all.  It was beautiful.

The song ended, we were legally married and the ceremony resumed for the standard “kiss the bride” part. We kissed, we held hands for the first time as a married couple, we turned toward our friends and family and the minister introduced us as Mr Hubby and Mrs Hardcore. I shot a look to my sister, as the English speaking part of the audience took a breathe to make sure they had understood correctly, as well as to see the reaction of the bride.  But seriously, when you are called Hardcore on your wedding day by a minister, there is nothing you can do but laugh and laugh and laugh.


My marriage started with laughter and we have tried to laugh a little every day since.

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