With or without Hubby? My split personality.

Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)
People have asked me if getting married changes you.  For me, it created my split personality. I have one personality when Hubby is around and one when I am on my own.  I know that sounds weird and unnatural, but I assure you both personalities are me.  I can’t fully understand why or how this is true, but I need both.
I need the quiet (relative to the other personality, not relative to normal people, in all situations I am loud), calm, homebody that I am when I am with Hubby.  I need the woman who uses her kids as an excuse to shy away from social interaction when at parties and is always the second one to leave at the end (late beginning for others) of the night. I can’t be the first to leave, that would make me/us stand out too much.
But I also need the slightly wild, mildly out of control person who dances like a fool and drives up the energy of a party when Hubby is not around. I need the person who closes the bar and makes friends in the bathroom and hopes the night will never end.
This split personality happened so naturally, without judgement or issues in our relationship, Hubby is calm and shy and when I am with him, I feel comfortable being quiet (again, relative to personality number 2).  When he is not around, well, the crazy is free to roam. This contradiction has always existed, but with Hubby in my life, each personality has their own time-slot now. By the way, nobody has ever asked me if getting married changes you, I just needed an opening line.

What are your thoughts?

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