What is wrong with underpants?

I love to take pictures, mostly of my kids but the last few months I have been unable to take any pictures of them in our home.  Why you ask (or maybe you didn’t but I am going to tell you anyway) because my son has developed a deep seated hatred of underpants.

When a “normal” person walks in the door, they remove their shoes. Crazy, however, sits down and removes his shoes then stands up and removes his pants and underwear, leaving them neatly at the door to be put back on again when we leave.

So the question is, what is wrong with underpants?

We initially thought he did this because he was hot, but the t-shirt stays on. Plus we are super attentive to the over-heating signals in Crazy, so we can say with high confidence, the removal of the bottom half of his wardrobe is not due to the temperature.

Then we thought maybe his underpants were too tight, and it was causing him pain.  We went up a size, but when we did he didn’t have to take them off anymore because after three steps they fell to his ankles regardless.

I also started to wonder if perhaps our choice in underwear wasn’t “cool” enough, but come on, he is 3, even I was having trouble taking this possibility seriously. All the same, we tried a variety of different styles (briefs, boxers, boxer briefs) and patterns (cars, tractors, planes, Cars, Toy Story) and it didn’t seem to make a difference.  While we still hadn’t solved the great underwear mystery, I was relieved that my son was not bowing down to peer pressure and the need to conform at his preschool age.

We had a lot of trouble with toilet training this boy, so at first it didn’t really bother us that he was bottomless because less underwear meant less mess when there were accidents and frankly speaking when we didn’t have the added step of removing the underwear, there were often fewer accidents.  So maybe that’s it, the boy doesn’t want to miss out on valuable play time by having to spend a few extra minutes pulling down and pulling up pants when he needs a potty break.

But the hatred of undergarments seems to go way beyond comfort or playtime.  We have a rule; Crazy is not allowed on the balcony unless he is wearing underpants.  We figure (hope) the neighbours have no interest in seeing toddler junk flying about so if he wants to be outside…underpants.  Usually fun with the outside toys wins out, but he has a long internal debate at the doorway before finally deciding.  So playtime vs underpants is not a given.

We are fresh out of ideas on why this boy has such a strong desire to be free to the world and for now I will just have to settle for less pictures.

UPDATED: Hubby had the genius idea to ask Crazy flat out why he doesn’t like underpants, how it never crossed my mind to do this is still baffling me, and Crazy answered “I dunno” with a shoulder shrug.  So yeah, that didn’t help either.


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