Things that make me laugh

Today is a sad day, it is the last day my boss and I will be in the office together for the next two years as he is moving to our American office.  I know most people are probably thinking…I don’t get the sad part of this.  Well, my boss, unlike many bosses, is awesome.  Not only is he a great boss, but he is a great person, and I am going to miss having him across the hall from me. Since he doesn’t know about this blog, technically that is not sucking up.  Instead of dwelling on this sadness, I have decided to spend the day thinking about things that make me laugh.  So far it has worked wonders, I got into a giggle fit in the car, by myself at a stop light and the driver in the car next to me was giving me very strange looks, which of course made me laugh more.


Things that make me laugh:

* When Crazy looks at me with his most evil stare and says “I want pasta for dinner…you are going to make pasta…right now…1…2…3…4…5”

* Any number of things I hear coming from the office next to mine.  It is occupied by a well known personality in our company, she is EXTREMELY energetic, a genius on the subject she covers, and lacks patience for pretty much everyone and everything at work.  This week I heard her on the phone  saying “No really, you need to stop pretending that you don’t understand”, based on conversations I’ve had with her, I strongly suspect he wasn’t pretending.  I heard a visitor in her office say the other day after she gave a very long and passionate explanation of something highly technical, “I didn’t know you knew how to speak Chinese”.

* When I left the bathroom with my skirt tucked into my underwear and don’t notice it until someone told me.

* The time my dad spelled it GLEW when he was playing Scrabble.

* The email I got from a French friend  telling me to “cheal out”.

* When my boss instant messaged me from across the hall while he was in a meeting asking me to call his cell phone because he had misplaced it for the second time in one week, and when I did, ZZ-Top started to play in my office.

* The word “skullet”.

What makes you laugh?


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