Little bundles of luck

Yesterday got off to a very rough start.  It started as soon as the sun was up, but luckily the day figured itself out.  First Crazy didn’t want to get dressed, because we were asking him to do wrong.  It’s not that we were asking him incorrectly, it’s that the were asking him to put his bathing suit on underneath his shorts….which for him was completely absurd and illogical.  His summer camp took him to the pool and the counselor had asked us to dress him in his bathing suit, this made complete sense to us, but it was beyond his comprehension.

Next, for the second time this week, I forgot their hats I when we left, and remembered after I already had them buckled in the car.  This would of course be no big deal if we lived in a house, I would have just hopped out of the car and got their hats.  But we still live, for the next 18 months in an apartment, so this meant I had to “borrow” our neighbours parking spot next to the door, get both kids out of their car seats, run them both upstairs, and get the hats. I timed it, my memory lapse cost me 6 minutes, which on any other day would not have been a major problem, but yesterday, for the first time in too long to remember I had an appointment to get my hair cut.  Me time….and I was seeing it slip through my fingers.

As soon as I was back in the car from dropping off Crazy, Hubby called, he had hit the median with his car, he was completely fine, but had blown out both tires on one  side of his car.  I must admit, my initial thought was  “man, no me time”, rather than worry or concern for Hubby or his car.  I hated myself a little bit after that.   In the end, all he needed was the number for the insurance, because he couldn’t find it in his car…phew, me time is back on….self hatred a little more.

About five minutes away from my destination and me time, I was pulled over by the police.  I don’t think I was doing anything wrong and I definitely wasn’t speeding, my lights weren’t on a 9 am, so there is no way they could have known if I had a burnt headlight.  When I rolled down my window, the very young police officer took one look at Squishy buckled into her seat, and said, “Sorry, my mistake, it wasn’t you I meant to pull over, let me help you get back in traffic”.  ?!?!?!?  Well, that was a slight change of fortune, thank you Squishy.

From that point forward, the day turned pleasant, not quite lottery winning good fortune, but pleasant all the same.


What are your thoughts?

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