Best of Crazy – June/July 2013

  • I was hanging curtains last week.  I brought out a step ladder and put it next to the window and turned to get the curtain rod to hang.  When I turned back to the step ladder, Crazy was throwing himself off the top step belly flop style shouting “To infinite and beyond” onto a pile of pillows on the ground.
  • Squishy and Crazy were fighting over a chair (we have 5 child size chairs, but of course, they always want the same one), I was in the bedroom when this argument started, and when they went quiet, I rushed to the living room.  In my household, quiet is the most dangerous sound there is.  I found Crazy sitting proudly in the chair, having won the battle…on top of the dining room table.
  • Crazy’s best friend lives in the ground floor apartment just beneath ours.  One day when we picked up the boys at the same time from school, both mothers agreed that we were each too tired to take on an extra child, so they wouldn’t play together that evening.  Neither boy was particularly happy, and when we got home, Crazy put on his Buzz Lightyear costume, told me he was going to fly to his friends house and started to walk toward the balcony.  I caught him before one foot went out the door and we had a nice chat about what can fly and what can’t.
  • Last night,  when Hubby and I went to bed, we did the usual check on the kids, more to see how cute and peaceful they are than out of any kind of concern.  Squishy was curled up in her crib, thumb in mouth, we looked in Crazy’s bed and found it empty.  This of course did not alarm us, as it wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time that this will happen.  Our hunt ended in our room, finding him under our blanket on the floor, with his head under our bed, using one of my slippers as a pillow.

What are your thoughts?

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