Squishy Mornings

Hubby has been doing the heavy lifting the last month or two in the mornings, getting up when Squishy calls, getting her bottle and keeping her entertained quietly until Crazy and I get up.  It has been so nice to sleep a little more that I had almost forgotten how fantastic a morning is with Squishy.

I got up with her this morning, and we laid down on the couch while she had her bottle.  She insisted on squishing on top of me, her squishy cuddles are what brought about her name.  She can’t just cuddle, she needs to squish herself into you so that as much of you is touching as much of her as possible. When she was finished her milk, she proceeded to squish her face into my neck and twirl my hair, and we just laid there for at least 20 amazing minutes.  Then we read stories, yes we, she will not be outdone by another storyteller and will describe the entire picture on each page, at least that is what I assume she is doing when she babbles on while pointing at a lot of stuff.  After that, more cuddles and then Crazy woke up, (who is also an amazing morning cuddler).

It was so wonderful and I wished every day could start like that (though I would prefer it started at 9 am rather than 6:30).

BUT, it did get my thinking, has Hubby been doing the morning shift to let me sleep (nice man) OR to get all the Squishy cuddles (evil cuddle stealer)?


What are your thoughts?

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