Crazy – My three year old

My three year old, who I call Crazy, is this tiny little mass that takes up the entire space of any room he is ever in.  Crazy is bold, stubborn, free spirited, full of life and love and oh so challenging. He has the kind of personality that makes a parent frustrated at this age, but will make us proud when he is older.  He will be strong, stand up for what he believes in, he is a natural leader and will go far in life.  At least that is what I tell myself over and over again when I am screaming into a pillow to keep myself from screaming at him.

Crazy is overflowing with energy all the time, and I suspect his mind runs faster than most and he is constantly just trying to catch up with himself. Anyway you look at it though, he is just awesome.  And as he fills so much of my life and my thoughts, he will most likely be the glue that will hold this blog together.


What are your thoughts?

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