Simply genius

I have come across a couple of common geni. In the last couple of days, I have been with people with ideas so simple, yet so smart that I am left speechless.  I have been polling the people around me for input on the refusal to poop issue with Crazy. One friend said, talk poop all the time, if poop is fun he will more likely want to poop, so we have a number of poop jokes lined up.  Another friend recommended letting him pick his own potty, because not all kids are going to be comfortable with the same toilet.  So out we went, and Crazy picked out a bright pink Minnie Mouse potty that congratulates you when you flush it. He came home and promptly sat down on his “toilet”, as he refuses to call it a potty and released his bowels.  It was awesome.

Hopefully, we are now heading in the right direction.

The new potty has also had an unexpected side effect, my 15 month old daughter Squishy has now decided she wants to poop on the potty as well.  We will have her toilet trained before she is two if she keeps this up.


Small victories

Crazy,  my three year old, has a very frustrating developmental delay, he refuses to poop.  This has been going on for well over a year now and for some reason drives me to tears.  I know very well with a little maturity and a little patience he well get over this hump and his sphincter will eventually start working like a normal body part, but right now it makes me mental.

The biggest problem, is not that he holds in his poop, it’s that eventually nature takes over and says, you might not want me, but here I come, and I’m bringing my friend hanging out in this guys bladder with me.

I picked Crazy up from school today (which will be the subject of a whole week worth of posts when I am feeling up to it), and standing in the yard of his school, he just ups and wets himself.  So, I am mortified, which I know I shouldn’t be, but I still feel like everyone’s eyes are on me judging me, AND my son, plus, the standard tears of frustration start to swell in my eyes, I am carrying my 15 month old daughter, Squishy,  and I feel for the sixth time this week that I am going to break.  I managed to gather up all the calm and patience I had left, got the kids home, and what does Crazy do, he goes right to the toilet and poops.  I couldn’t stop the tears this time, relief mixed with joy overwhelmed me.  Before I had kids, I never imagined I could feel this much joy over someone else’s bowel movement.

Crazy – My three year old

My three year old, who I call Crazy, is this tiny little mass that takes up the entire space of any room he is ever in.  Crazy is bold, stubborn, free spirited, full of life and love and oh so challenging. He has the kind of personality that makes a parent frustrated at this age, but will make us proud when he is older.  He will be strong, stand up for what he believes in, he is a natural leader and will go far in life.  At least that is what I tell myself over and over again when I am screaming into a pillow to keep myself from screaming at him.

Crazy is overflowing with energy all the time, and I suspect his mind runs faster than most and he is constantly just trying to catch up with himself. Anyway you look at it though, he is just awesome.  And as he fills so much of my life and my thoughts, he will most likely be the glue that will hold this blog together.

The first step…

This is my newest idea on how to keep myself sane, I shall share my thoughts with randon strangers on the Internet. I do hope I am gifted as a writer so that I can escape reality and make a living talking about myself full time to people who don’t know me.

I must admit I feel so silly doing this that I waited until everyone else was asleep to start my blog in the cover of darkness. Now not only am I a world famous autobiographer, but I am also like a super hero that only comes out at night.  Next time, I will wear a mask when I write.

Step one is now complete…blog created, first post posted, I feel more grounded already.